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Recycling to land Recycling to treatment

Recycling to land

We recycle a wide variety of liquid wastes to agricultural land:

  • Food manufacturers process liquid
  • Effluent water
  • Brewery sludge
  • AD digestate
  • DAF Slurry
  • Water treatment sludges

Our modern fleet of 80 tankers each offer a payload of up to 30 tonnes, along with our smaller fleet of vehicles to accommodate those with restricted access. We operate in Norfolk / Suffolk, Hereford / Wales, Northampton, East Midlands, South & North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and Teesside. We recycle to agricultural land with an annual volume of over a million tonnes of liquid waste.

Recycling to land provides a solution that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally responsible, providing nutritional benefits to soils and cropping. This approach offers a reduced carbon footprint and helps support the local farming community.

We are here to offer the most suitable recycling solution either through a treatment network or through our agricultural land bank.

Recycling to treatment

We have access to our group owned anaerobic digestion facility in the Midlands, providing an excellent alternative to recycling to land. In addition to this treatment plant, we work alongside some of the major water and AD treatment facilities right across the country.

Our treatment network and 24/7 transportation capability ensure all the factories we service focus on production, while we focus on the waste.


AD waste collections Digestate to land

AD liquid digestate, is an excellent alternative to bagged fertilisers. Liquid digestate is a rich source of nutrients, especially nitrogen.

We work alongside clients of waste and digestate outlets to supply a bio-fertiliser and service to our farmer clients, using some of the latest range of spreading equipment, from umbilical options through to our tractor tankers fitted with up to date GPS technology.

We can manage all types of liquid digestate.


Total waste management Packaged food waste AD feedstock

We work alongside numerous food organisations throughout the UK to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Our integrated management process is there not only to reduce your waste management costs (by delivering zero waste to landfill), but also to reduce your carbon footprint and build a strong recycling programme within your business.

We operate throughout the UK sourcing the best possible recycling solutions for each of your waste streams. We can provide secure, safe and accredited disposal points right across the country. Our team are experienced in working in partnership with customers to maximise the best value out of your resources.

If you are an AD operator we can source and deliver quality feedstock for your plant, and manage your digestate output programme.

We are a total waste management service helping waste producers reduce costs, manage suppliers and ensure compliance


Tank cleaning Jetting Sweeping

To complement our core services, we also provide a range of industrial services which include:

  • Tank cleaning with confined space entry
  • Fat traps emptying – We can offer an efficient and professional service, whether you require a regular maintenance schedule or a simple clean to prevent blockages, foul smells and overflowing traps.
  • Interceptor cleaning with waste removal – If an interceptor hasn’t been cleaned and maintained for a long time, flooding can occur and general drainage can be affected. We recommend to our customers that their interceptors are emptied twice a year.
  • High powered water jetting – Offering a cost-effective and fast solution to your drainage needs, our highly trained jetting team will operate around you and your schedule to deliver an effective and efficient service
  • Sewer cleaning / Wet well cleansing
  • Gully cleaning – To empty and remove debris and silt from surface water drainage gully pots and drains to prevent blockages and flooding.
  • Events & shows toilet block emptying – We provide vacuum tanker services to events and shows, as they can remove larger quantities of waste, ensuring there are no disruptions to your day.
  • Sweeping – we have experience of road and site sweeping including road planning  & surfacing, housing & industrial sites, car parks, quarries & highway maintenance.


Domestic customers and Commercial customers

Whites Recycling Ltd has over 30 years of experience emptying septic tanks. We pride ourselves in offering a cost effective and efficient service available 24 / 7, 52 weeks a year allowing us to work around you.

Owning a home or a business with a septic tank can be quite daunting. At Whites Recycling Ltd we offer a friendly straightforward emptying / inspection carried out by our professional and experienced staff. Our pricing matrix is given at the time of booking, ensuring no additional costs to surprise you after the work is carried out.   It is common practise for septic tanks to be emptied once a year as routine maintenance. But through our years of experience we can advise that ‘once a year’ is the maximum amount of time you should really leave your tank. This can be for several reasons including the age of the tank, the amount of people using the tank and of course, its size.We are happy to visit your home and offer a free, no obligation assessment. We can then offer a regular emptying schedule for your individual tank so no need to worry about when to call us… we will call you when it’s due an empty!

Whites Recycling also offers a jetting service if your drains become blocked due to unwanted debris.


  • Septic/ Klargester Emptying (Domestic and Commercial tanks)
  • Inspection service of your tank
  • Fat Traps and Interceptor Emptying
  • Events & shows toilet block emptying
  • Drain Blockages / Jetting


Areas that we cover:

  • North and East Lincolnshire
  • East Anglia, Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Doncaster, Scunthorpe
  • Yorkshire
  • North Nottinghamshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Rutland
  • Cambridgeshire

If you can’t see your area above give us a call and we can give you a quote




Farm liasion management

A unique service of White’s Recycling is our Agronomy department that supports our network of Farm Liaison Managers who offer advice to our farmer clients in nutritional requirements for their soil & cropping. Our team are all FACTS trained to provide this unique service in the farming and waste industry.

We deliver liquid wastes from customers’ production facilities and transport it to local, registered agricultural field sites for recycling. Delivery is carried out by our modern fleet of tankers. Our main method of spreading this waste is via an umbilical tractor system which maximises the nutrient benefit to the land.

We have built up an impressive local agricultural land bank covering both arable and grass land along with storage options, allowing us to offer liquid waste customers a total waste management service at any time of the year. The land and storage is managed by our in-house Agronomy department and the team Farm Liaison Managers who have a wealth of experience within the industry.

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